African Elephant Interaction

About the Elephant Interaction

This is one of the most popular activities for our guests. Approximately 45 minutes drive from Umkhumbi is Bayete Zulu where we can get up close and personal to African Elephants like very few places. Discover why Elephants are so popular and see the human-like intelligence in their eyes at this reserve in South Africa.

Rambo the adult bull African elephant was hand-reared by humans after becoming an orphan. So strong is the bond between Rambo and his keepers that he would go down onto his elbows (that’s right elephants have two elbows!) and peer into the hut of one of his keepers every single morning. Even after his keeper had to leave the country he would still go to the hut for months to look for him – Rambo and Rachel love their human friends.

In fact they love humans so much that they will even protect them from predators! The keepers of this free-roaming elephant family have no fear as they walk beside their tall companions whilst they forage in the KwaZulu Natal bush – even past the lions!

To begin we wait for the elephants to come to the interaction area from wherever they have spent the morning exploring. Then the in-house specialist will give you a fascinating talk about the majestic elephants that stand before you. You will learn facts about elephants that you had not even considered e.g. What does an elephants tongue feel like?

You might even get the chance to touch Rambo and feed Rachel. Just imagine standing next to a towering elephant as he gently sniffs you with his trunk, his flapping ears causing a gentle breeze – it’s not an experience you will forget in a hurry!

Family fun

TO the best of our knowledge there are no age restrictions, although very small children may not be allowed to touch Rambo (this is up to the keepers on the day).


Situated near Bayala. Drive time approximately 45 minutes from Umkhumbi.


Bookings must be made in advance.
We can book the elephant interaction for you before or during your stay with us.
We do not book this activity without accommodation. Please book directly at Bayete if you do not need accommodation and only wish to do the elephant interaction.


Year-round: 11 am


So, what does an elephants tongue feel like?