Amarok: The day in full

It is a scorcher of a day (thank God for air-con!), so we are doing a 4X4 water expedition, in short, any water we see, we go swimming!

Chilling at two baboon junction

The road goes through the water...

...the perfect excuse to get your wheels wet

Running from the 'shark' :)

The water scorpion keeps running away :(

But as fun as that was, more roads await!

Why should the Zebras have all the fun

It's playtime!

So, we were crusing along quite happily after splashing around at ‘Two Baboon junction’ (the two baboons presumably being Anton and Solly – sorry guys!) when, all of a sudden, we needed to use the winch of one of the VW Amaroks!

The sandy road was soft and the load heavy, it was embarassing….


…But not for us – we were the rescuers. A local comapny had lost its trailer in the sand, even the large army vehicle towing it could not get it to move one more cm up the road.

VW Amarok 4×4 to the rescue! Derryck had been waiting for a chance to test out his winch, and here it was! So with Derryck manning the controls, Solly guiding the trailer and Anton stopping the car from sliding down the road with the trailer we spent around an hour and a half, heaving and reversing and (for some of us) watching at the sidelines.

Derryck the winchmaster

Solly pitching in to lift and steer the trailer

With the road now clear, we were off!

Kosi Bay here we come!

Sadly though, testing Derrycks winch did mean that we got to Kosi Bay mouth later than we wanted to – that and getting lost on the way there anyway.

The sat nav says the road is around here somewhere!

Ah ha, the road!

Last obstacle (other than the holes in the roads) – the bridge…

Starting Kosi Bridge

Woo hoo, the bridge didn't collapse!

But there was still plenty of time to swim and splash around in the warm waters of the Kosi Mouth estuary. There were sleepy heads already bobbing in the car before we’d even started to move out of the car park!

Bucket, spade, fishing net - all set!

It is hard to resist the water on a day like this

Warm sun, warm waters - perfect end to a day

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