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Vervet Monkey

The Vervet Monkeys are running wild today at Umkhumbi Lodge!! Playful as always they are running up and down the branches, munching on monkey apples and mangos and anything else they can find to sink their little teeth into. But then one lazy monkey, stole a baby monkey!!! He wanted the fruit that the mother […]

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Rain at last!

Finally the rain has come to Umkhumbi Lodge. The Nyala, Impala and Duiker have (like us) been standing out enjoying the rain. As much as we love the sun, there are few people who can resist the kiss of the rain on their cheeks.   With it we have also had some amazing lightning storms […]

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Day 4 – Extremely long day for an extreme nature tour

What a hectic day! The morning brought us the following; Birds: African Spoonbill Crowned eagle Bush shrike Black backed puff Violet back starling Long crowned eagle Lesser striped swallow Red backed shrike Broad-billed Roller European bird eater Fish eagle Sunbird Yellow Billed Kite Black kite Kingfisher Goliath heron Stork Pelican Ibis / Hadeda Mammals: Giraffe […]

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