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Cheetah Interaction

After spending the morning at Zulu Croc learning about South Africa’s cold blooded residents, we visited a cheetah rehabilitation centre in the afternoon to interact with some big cats. We initially learned about the African wild cat which was interesting enough, yet watching the Caracal feed, by jumping to the top of the three metre […]

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Steers for Lunch!

Every year our students fall in love with Steers (a fast food chain found in lots of the garages / service stations – they believe it is much better than McDonalds, Burger King and KFC put together! So we went to Steers. Anton, Tommy, Tony and Lacey tried to make us think we were going […]

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Dinner at the 360 Bar in Mozambique

I think everyone will agree with me when I say that the walk to the 360 bar felt equally as long as a days trekking, stomachs rumbling, discovering¬† along the way that the route can’t exactly be called flat. It was worth it. Too an empty stomach, used too far to much Pao bread the […]

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Spar Berry Sugar Rush

It was the last night in Mozambique where I had my first Sparberry. This bright red soft drink consisting of only sugar, e-numbers and more sugar had become the favorite amongst the group and having been told how delicious and amazing it was, I decided it was time to try it. It was amazing! Unfortunately, […]

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Dolphins, Whales and a Sea Turtle!

So excited!¬† We were on Louis’ boat. It went over bumps like they were just flat water. The first encounter was a spinny spinet dolphin, they all went around in groups together it was the backs that we saw the most, they were shimmering in the water. As we carried on we got to see […]

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Expedition Day 2 – Orphanage Visit

We are stage spiders, and we are awesome. So awesome that we got the privilege to organize the session plan for the orphanage today during our expedition. Our day began with, of course, pao bread. A mozambique bread made with potato. Oh how pao bread brightens our day. NAAAAAAAT. Something we had already learnt by […]

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Fish Traps and Kosi Bay

I’d been anticipating the visit to the Tsonga fish traps for some time, looking forward to a nice dip in the lake – as well as the prospect of seeing crocs. Upon waking to the wettest, most miserable weather we’d had so far however, my mood was somewhat dampened. I still had high hopes though, […]

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