Dolphins, Whales and a Sea Turtle!

So excited!  We were on Louis’ boat. It went over bumps like they were just flat water.

The first encounter was a spinny spinet dolphin, they all went around in groups together it was the backs that we saw the most, they were shimmering in the water.

As we carried on we got to see the amazing sized… Humpbacked whale, it was splashing and showing off how graceful they are. The further out that we got the faster we went, at one point there was a boat that was showing off with how fast it could. So we had the idea to… …Go faster!

So we ended out that the boat was almost vertical in speed. The waves were going almost higher than the boat behind us. As the speed got higher and we got higher. We slowed down the boat turned to face the land, then the rev was high and the speed was put on, we waited, and then we were ready and fOOOOSH, we were gone, going to the land and, just that second, we saw a grey circle in the water and it looked strangely like a turtle. We were all so confused and so we asked Louis what on earth it was, and he said that it was a sea turtle. We were all exhilarated that we had found a turtle.

We went much faster, and then there was a jolt, and Louis told us that we were there back on the sand.

(first mate Sam)

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