Expedition Day 2 – Orphanage Visit

We are stage spiders, and we are awesome. So awesome that we got the privilege to organize the session plan for the orphanage today during our expedition.

Our day began with, of course, pao bread. A mozambique bread made with potato. Oh how pao bread brightens our day. NAAAAAAAT. Something we had already learnt by now to just chew and swallow. Job done.

As we set off after breakfast we knew we had a while to go across the beach front. The coast was beautiful, although the walking was not as we still felt like John Wayne after the horse riding trail. As we cowboy walked up the beach (taking 100s of breaks because we are pro’s at walking) we eventually got to part of the walk where we had to to turn off after 2 hours. To our delight there was a lovely sand dune waiting for us. This was the last thing we wanted to climb but with a bit of Hakuna Matata spirit we almost sprinted up it (more like crawled).

Once getting to the top of Mount Everest, oh wait, we mean the sand dune, we dragged ourself to the shaded areas, gasping for water.

Because we were earlier than expected, a lovely dance lesson did happen from “Shakira” Jade. ¬†After a lovely view of all the boys hip shaking and bum waggling it was time to start walking and head for the orphanage.

We eventually got to the orphanage and were greeted by the man in charge of it. This lead to a guided tour around the orphanage. We were able to view the girls and boys rooms, shower and bathrooms, the church, dining hall and other facilities. This was enlightening to all of the group to understand how they lived day in day out and how it differs to our everyday life.

After our guided tour it was time to play! Our favorite thing. Plan was put in motion and off we went.

Footballs flying around and quite smoothly dodged, bubbles in the face, professional hula hoopers (of course Jade) and our digital cameras were being passed around. The orphanage was a great success and smiles were all around.

Well that was until Tommy trekked us up the tallest hill ever, through the bushes and back down to the beach. Eventually telling us that the tide would be coming in at 6 o ‘clock and we would drown if not making it on time. Well that’s positive, we had 1hour to make it back, although the walk actually took us over 2hours to get here, we were positive all around, *cough*

The beach wasn’t as bad as what we had thought, we seemed to think we were walking fast as we saw in the distance other groups. Although after Abbie’s projectile vomit, it wasn’t looking so good as they had disappeared. But we made it in plenty of time nearly standing on the scrambling crabs.

Love Annie and Kirsty.

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