FC01 – Day 30


Well, good news, FC01 – Forest Cobra #1 – is still here. It was sunning itself in the trees but we couldn’t see it, so we moved closer into the bush and the signal stopped, holding our breaths we waited. It could have been above us, to the left of us or to the right but without the signal we were unable to be sure. Then it was back – bip – bip – bip….

Behind us!

The crafty little thing managed to snake (no pun intended) its way down from the trees and circle around us before entering its hole!!

So we again have no visual of the Forest Cobra but it does seem to have taken up (possibly temporary) residence on the property once more.

Tracking the South African Forest Cobra in our telemetry project

In the bush, FC01 is somewhere nearby but we can't see it - then the signal disappeared!

Forest Cobra residence, Day 30 - termite mound

Using a different door, FC01 has moved back into the same termite mound he moved into on day 10


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