Fish Traps and Kosi Bay

I’d been anticipating the visit to the Tsonga fish traps for some time, looking forward to a nice dip in the lake – as well as the prospect of seeing crocs.

Upon waking to the wettest, most miserable weather we’d had so far however, my mood was somewhat dampened. I still had high hopes though, and we all trekked down to the lakes where the fish traps were situated, enjoying some botanical knowledge imparted from Tommy on the way.

We reached the lakes a short while later, and despite the conditions, they were still an awesome sight.   Presently, we were divided into two groups to visit individual traps. The water was certainly warmer than the air, but of course, that’s not saying much. The water came up to belly height as we reached our trap – I was getting quite chilly in the lower regions to say the least.

As it transpired, there were two sizable fish trapped inside, and we all took turns to catch them – using only a spear and all our ‘skill’ and ‘strength.’

Due to the depth of the water,we had to wear a pair of goggles and stoop down into the water to find the fish – needless to say, that was cold!

I seemed to be the only one in our group to even get close to spearing a fish – it was obviously the cold that made me miss it…obviously…

So after getting soaked, I made my way back to the shore as quickly as I could where upon I got a lot of odd looks. This was because I have the strange tendency to turn wonderful shades of blue and purple, even in the slightest cold – I soon warmed up though.
All things considered, it was a great experience and one I’ll remember for a long time afterwards…

I never got to see a croc though… (Editors note: Don’t worry Jeremy you’ll see one in St Lucia!)

Jeremy Baker

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