Just another day… part 2

The first snake in the second phase of our telemetry project.

Time to relocate the transmitters lovingly made by Nyalas).

So, it is 12:00 and it is time to pick up the Forest Cobra and go to the vets.

1.4 kg – similar in size to one of our first Forest Cobras – Gizmo – and yet much bigger and with more muscle mass – how?! It doesn’t make sense to us either, how does more snake = lighter.

Everything is ready, lets begin!

South African Forest Cobra safe surgery equipment

The safety gear

After popping him in the clear tube we gave the Forest Cobra the right dosage of anaesthetic and popped it back in the box to wait for it to take effect.

Forest Cobra anaesthetised before telemetry surgery

Nope, not asleep yet...

And waited…

and waited…

and waited some more…

When an hour had passed and it still wasn’t asleep, we added a bit more, and once more waited (we even had time to collect some hibiscus flowers and leaves to give the iguanas at the lodge a treat!).

Another 30 minutes later we looked in the box, and to our surprise…

Anaesthetised forest cobra - hluhluwe

...the forest cobra was even more awake!

We then decided to try a little gas to push the Forest Cobra into sleep.

Forest Cobra - Hluhluwe, South Africa

2 hours and still awake!

But no, so we then decided to tube the Forest Cobra and try some more concentrated gas – after two hours of waiting for the Forest Cobra to sleep this finally worked, so we got started before it woke back up again.

installing a telemetry unit in a Forest Cobra - Hluhluwe

Forest Cobra In safe hands


The surgery went without a hitch and we are expecting a speedy recovery.

Two days on and the Forest Cobra is awake and even managed to eat a medium sized rat – release date is 19th December.

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