Mid Kent College Animal Care Course 2013 – Day 5

We all packed our bags and left Victors place in the morning.

Before we left we found a spotted bush snake in one of the Aloes!



And Victor wanted a picture of all of us with the snake, little Scruffy decided he didn’t want to get too close to the snake and be in the picture.

Kara got to drive Victors safari vehicle to the gate which she said was really good :) then we drove to the zoo.
It was very interesting because we were able to compare it to the zoos we all have seen in different places before.
We met Marsha who was in charge of environment management of the place. She listed what her responsibilities are over there and we all agreed that it is too much for one person to be managing! We all wrote down our email addresses and decided to keep in touch and send her any ideas of enrichment to be put into enclosures to help her out :)

Then we had lunch and said goodbye to Victor. We decided to donate some money to him. He didn’t want to take it but when we didn’t take no for an answer he got very emotional and a couple of us cried as well :)

After the hugs and tears we drove to the Natal Sharks Board to watch a shark dissection. First we watched a video about what the organization does and hopes to achieve. Then we all gathered outside and watched a couple of scientists performing tricks mixing different chemicals. Then there was the dissection where we were shown what is inside a sharks body. We learnt a couple of interesting facts; like that a sharks liver takes up 65% of its body and that it only has one intestine not a large and small one like we do.

_JAN0136 (2)

_JAN0140 (2)

_JAN0143 (2)
Afterwards we drove to Anton’s place where we had dinner and went to bed soon after, because we were all VERY tired after another exciting day in South Africa :)


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