Mozambique Duke of Edinburgh Expedition – day 1

We started off at 8:00 from Amangwane, our accommodation in Kosi Bay and started to go off on a long and exhausting walk. We went firstly to the border between South Africa and Mozambique. The next 10-13km of the walk was fairly repetitive walking along a sandy track. It was really difficult at times where we had long distances of deep dry sand to walk through.

Near to the end of the walk we emerged from the dunes to see a large lake, and the campsite on the other side. We took a path to the right around the lake and found a small bar called “Shade of the Tree”. There was a lot of brilliant and well known music, it was phenomenal and looked a lot of fun. We decided to have a break there. Sitting in the shade outside listening to the music we drank the water that was now quite warm from being in our bags all day. After making friends with the locals and the local mechanic, we started to take pictures of the beautiful scenery that we have seen on our break. It was the most beautiful sight we have seen through this holiday. We had stopped only about¬†150m away from where we were meant to meet up with everyone else so the end of the days walk came very quickly after.

We met everyone else in the group at another bar/restaurant where everyone found the delights of Sparberry flavoured soft drink. After stopping for about half an hour, we all headed off to the campsite through the local market. As soon as we arrived, we arranged our tents, crashed and went to bed.

Callum, Sam, Fran, George, Guy and Ben

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