Sunbird Building Nest

Spring is in the air at Umkhumbi Lodge. The birds are singing and soar through the air as they fly in search of nest building materials. One such bird is the Sunbird. Using spiderwebs to secure their nest materials the Sunbirds ensure that their eggs have the very best chance of survival. In the video […]

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Serval at Umkhumbi Lodge

Good morning everyone! I hope you had a good weekend? Our motion detect, night vision cameras (supplied to us by Brickhouse Security) have unfortunately not caught the Leopard whose tracks we found last week. But what they did catch was even better! Servals are reclusive and sightings are very rare, but thanks to the cameras […]

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Rhino Petition from National Geographic

The number of Rhino poached in South Africa and her surrounding countries is increasing every year – 279 have been killed so far this year. In 2010 the total was a horrific 333 Rhino poachings – the highest yet seen in South Africa.   In many cases these beautiful creatures are not killed completely but […]

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New discovery at Umkhumbi Lodge today! On our daily fence patrol today we spotted Leopard tracks in the sand leading into our bushland. This explains the mystery as to why we had multitudes of Nyala (we didn’t even realise we had that many) on the path to and around the rooms this morning. Being sensible […]

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