Out to Sea with Dolphins and Whales in Mozambique

On the 26th august, we had a day off from our expedition in which we had some free time. Most of us had the opportunity to get on a speed boat to see if we could see some dolphins swimming and some whales breaching off the coast of Ponta Malongane, Mozambique.

The boys in each boat were volunteered by the skipper to turn the boats around to face the surf, while us girls sat, watched and laughed at their misfortunes. We then had to push the boat out to sea past the shallow surf, with the boys at the front of the boat and the girls at the back, making it easier for us to jump into the boat in the shallower water.

With our hair dripping with sea water and being whipped across ours and each others faces, we headed north past two headlands where dolphins are most commonly seen. The skipper was obviously well-practiced at spotting pods of dolphins so he spotted them well before any of us did. We stopped the engines right next to a pod of dolphins who were swimming and diving right next to our boats, and some of us who dared to brave getting our cameras out to take some photos did. We were told that this particular pod had around 200 individuals, so spotting them wasn’t too difficult.

After spending around 30mins with the dolphins, we travelled further away from the shore to find some whales. Again, the skipper spotted the pod of whales before any of us amatures did. We saw the whales blow water out of their backs, and then resurfacing and swimming back under, flashing us their tails as they swam. Kirsty and I once again risked the lives of our cameras by taking more photos, and quite a few ‘we’re having a whale of a time’ jokes were made.

The journey back was amazing; at full speed,  the girls on the back of our boat (namely me, Kirsty and alicia) all leant backwards, so far so that our hair was submerged in sea water. We were absolutely loving it, and watching Becky and Annie on one of the other boats still with life jackets on, clinging to the boat for fear of their lives just made the experience even better.

This boating experience has been the highlight of my trip; it was the perfect adrenaline kick I needed!

Love Fran A

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