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The number of Rhino poached in South Africa and her surrounding countries is increasing every year – 279 have been killed so far this year. In 2010 the total was a horrific 333 Rhino poachings – the highest yet seen in South Africa.


In many cases these beautiful creatures are not killed completely but left paralysed, immobilised and bleeding to death. But it is not just the adults that die, young rhino are either shot along with their mother or in many cases run away and hide so that we cannot find them and intervene to help them survive.


National Geographic have started a petition to the Vietnamese Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary: H E Mr Nguyen Manh Hung. This is because the Vietnamese use rhino horn in traditional medicine. This traditional medicine is creating a market which drives the trade in Rhino horns and thus fuels the illegal killing of South Africa’s rhinos.

The only way to destroy the trading of Rhino horn is to destroy this market. In order for this to happen, the Vietnamese government needs to launch awareness campaigns to educate people on the fact that Rhino Horn has absolutely no medicinal properties. Through this education the aim is to destroy the market for the rhino horn and with it remove the incentive for poachers to kill our Rhinos.

Don’t forget to sign the National Geographic petition and help save our Rhinos.

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    Pretty insightful. Thanks!

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