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FC01 – Day 12

05/01/2012 17:30 Extremely Hot and humid. FC01 loves to keep me on my toes! I feared that FC01 had gone missing in action as I could not pick up any signal at all that the Forest Cobra was still on the property. We have made arrangements with our neighbours to track the Forest Cobra should […]

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FC01 – Day 11

04/01/2012 – Day 11 10:00 Hot, low humidity. FC01 was sunning in dappled light. On sighting us it moved to the safety of a nearby low tree and bushes. When it felt secure in the bushes it stopped and turned to look at us. It looks to be in the same condition as when it […]

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FC01 – Day 3

27/12/2011 – Day 3 11:00 No wonder we couldn’t find it yesterday! The forest Cobra has moved to the other side of the property (and in a different direction to the one it was heading on release day). Using our telelmetry equipment we located Forest Cobra 01 – FC01 to a region of bush to […]

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