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FC01 – Day 3

27/12/2011 – Day 3 11:00 No wonder we couldn’t find it yesterday! The forest Cobra has moved to the other side of the property (and in a different direction to the one it was heading on release day). Using our telelmetry equipment we located Forest Cobra 01 – FC01 to a region of bush to […]

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Telemetry project – phase 2

Ok, in less than a week our Forest Cobra will be undergoing surgery under the steady hand of Suzanne to have his telemtry unit fitted. A big thank you to the Invicta Arachnid Club from the UK for their donation towards this. We are testing a new release site which will allow us to better […]

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So many eggs it should be Easter!

Last week we awoke to find Corn Snake eggs (this was a surprise as she didn’t show any signs), Iguana eggs (they haven’t let us down yet), and house snake eggs. I can’t help but wonder which other animals will follow suit and produce more little ones. The Gaboon adders are definitely acting as though […]

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Amarok Arrival:

Friday the 18th November brings two families or our Amarok family weekend. We have 4 adults, and 4 kids – it’s going to be fun! Our adults are Solly, Lindy, Derryck and Charlene and are accompanied by Daniel, Trystan, Ethyn and Keagyn. The temperature is sweltering today here in Hluhluwe, with no sign of the […]

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