The first couple of days of South Africa Duke of Edinburgh Expedition 2013

The snakes were scary. My favorite out of the three was the boa constrictor, which we were allowed to hold around our neck ( might have accidentally hit it in the face). We also saw tarantula, slow worm ( SA equivalent), a puff adder and a cobra of some sort.

Here is the run through of each animal we came across:
-Tarantula: This was passed around each person on their hands. We were told that the bigger the spider the less potent the venom, although I am still skeptical. I did not handle the spider as I thought that it would just waist more of Anton’s time. This was interpreted as an excuse to get out of holding the spider.
- slow worm: Was sticky and played dead when I was holding it (although I don’t blame it).
- Puff Adder: Constricted to a tube this snake was an extremely unhappy bunny. We got to feel its rough scales and its frictionless underpart.
-Cobra: This was the most vicious and violence happy snakes that we saw. It was kept far away from us for our own safety. My hat was summoned into its bite zone and then used to intimidate the snake. It made it back all well.
-Bower constrictor: As described above.
Altogether a really good experience.
Walk in the reserve:
The walk was breathtaking we saw loads of animals and came face to face with a MASSIVE giraffe. We also saw zebras, impala, wilder beasts and giraffes. All these creatures allowed me to contemplate on my lack of a DSLR camera, which I consciously decided to leave at home.
Probably my favorite bit so far. Very touristy. The elephants have been the most intelligent and amazing creatures. The bond between the keepers and the elephants was crazy. The elephants would put their life at risk to save the keepers. The bit that really struck me was the elephants similarities to humans and their ability to understand the situations and the decisions that we were making.
Olly Thorns
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