Albizia Camp – student season is here!

There is another side to Umkhumbi Lodge – we are not just for the most relaxing, tranquil and peaceful holidays in South Africa – we are educational too.

Every year we have school groups staying at our sister camp. This year we have in excess of 200 students so it is a busy year. The groups of students that come through are mostly UK students on their first trips to South Africa – and for many their first trip at all.

Whilst they are with us they follow an Environmental Awareness Course so that they can get the most out of the bush trails and game drives that are a must for every visitor to South Africa.

The students we currently teach are from a variety of regions and a variety of ages. This year we have those completing their Duke of Edinburgh Award, Army Cadets, Scouts and also cultural trips planned by charities such as Cloud dog in London (UK).

The students that arrived late last night are those who have come here with the Cloud dog charity. We have 11 students – 6 from the UK and 5 from here in South Africa.



Don’t worry mums and dads, they are all on their best behaviour!

Already they are exchanging stories from their various walks of life and educating each other about their differing cultures. This morning they had a brief introduction to the Environmental Awareness course by Tommy who will be with them throughout the duration of their trip.



As with all kids though, dinner on the fairylight lit lappa was the best bit of the evening!


Our Hluhluwe accommodation

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