Bella the Impala

Here at Umkhumbi Lodge you are likely to see Bella wandering around the rooms munching away at the grass.

Bella is our hand-reared Impala.

Bella cannot have been more than a couple of weeks old when she was brought to us. Unfortunately Bella’s mother was attacked by a predator and young Bella was found nearby with cold, wet and weak with her head stuck in a fence (even today you can still see a slight scar).

Little bit by little bit we were able to feed Bella from a bottle, and were overjoyed to watch her get stronger. As she got stronger so did her personality, and she was all to eager to come stomping into the house to cry and cry until she got her bottle.

To our delight as Bella got older she began to venture further and further into the bush exploring and looking for food although she did still follow all of the staff and guests when she couldn’t find anything she fancied.

Far from being the tame little impala she was when she wandered freely in and out of the house, Bella no longer seeks out human interaction (it would appear the Nyala are more fun).

She is however perfectly content to block your way on the path, moving only at the last minute. Rest assured you can get some amazing photographs as she wanders freely around the paths instead of hiding in the bush.


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