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A busy morning at Victors place.

First of all girls and guys, apologies for the radio silence yesterday! The big storms here have meant powercuts and little to no phone signal on the South African sims yesterday. …………………………………. After an early night (hahaha – you have to be kidding after that much cake!) everyone was up bright and early – well, […]

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End of day 4 – Victors place

Victors place is certainly more like the South Africa that all the students expected. Many were disappointed that there were not wild Elephants, Lions, Zebra or Giraffe roaming around the streets of Durban.   After a picnic lunch in Durban’s botanical garden the minibuses left for ‘Victor’s place’ . On arrival everyone was bundled into the […]

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Tourist market and the darkside of Africa

An eye-opening experience for our students today as they discover that despite all the endangered listings of species, and the supposed protection that they receive; many are still slaughtered and sold in the open at Muthi markets. Muthi markets are markets that sell particular ‘medicines’, it is a part of Zulu culture. There are many […]

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Creepy crawlies – this time in cages – next time however….

The last thing to do at uShaka, visit the dangerous creatures chamber of horrors. With lizards, scorpions and spiders filling the small nooks and crannies of the room everywhere you turned was something new. Not to mention little tricks and pranks just like Craig found out… man, you squeal like a girl!! From the bearded […]

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