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An unexpected guest!

Whilst walking Copper and Shadow (the dogs) around the property we saw some unusual prints… We are so used to seeing those of Impala, Nyala, Suni, Duiker, Gennet, Mongeese, Monkeys that we don’t always appreciate them anymore. But these prints stood out… They were slightly bigger than normal… Leopard!! We believe it is a Leopard […]

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More babies! Iguanas are hatching!

Our state of the art hatching facility (a drawer in the garage desk) has once more produced some babies for us this year. This time it is the babies of our two lovely adult iguanas. Imagine our delight when a quick peek at the eggs this morning showed us a little head Gently replacing the […]

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Vervet Monkey

The Vervet Monkeys are running wild today at Umkhumbi Lodge!! Playful as always they are running up and down the branches, munching on monkey apples and mangos and anything else they can find to sink their little teeth into. But then one lazy monkey, stole a baby monkey!!! He wanted the fruit that the mother […]

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