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Just another day…

Ok, here it is. We told you we would tell you about what was so important that we neglected our faithful wildlife quiz fans. The morning started at 5am – just as dawn was breaking, the golden light casting dappled shadows on the leaf littered floor. We were stalking our Nyala. Our little Nyala population […]

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So many eggs it should be Easter!

Last week we awoke to find Corn Snake eggs (this was a surprise as she didn’t show any signs), Iguana eggs (they haven’t let us down yet), and house snake eggs. I can’t help but wonder which other animals will follow suit and produce more little ones. The Gaboon adders are definitely acting as though […]

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Sad news – Suni

The Suni made it through the night and at 3am was eager to take more fluids. We all hoped he was on the way back up, that it was some minor inner ear infection that was causing his balance to be a bit off. It turns out however that the reason behind the Suni and […]

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A little Suni needs our help

A beautiful little animal that is rarely mentioned due to its highly elusive nature. Very little is known about these delicate little creatures and sightings of Suni are even rarer than that of Leopard. We do have Suni on the property, we get the occasional night time glimpse as we walk to the lappa, but […]

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