Clouddog day 1

Day 1 for the Clouddog students at Albizia camp – Umkhumbi Lodge.


First lesson to learn in the bush


It was a day of learning for the students today as Tommy taught them about bush walks.

Getting to the end of the tourist trails and into the bush


They learnt which trees are poisonous, which trees can become medicine and also how to follow animal spoor (tracks).


...don't eat this one...


From big and small Tommy showed them animals and insects and explained all their little quirks.


Watching the hairy Caterpillars leaving a silk trail



Tommy explains termite mound air-conditioning


Everyone was really enthusiastic about seeing the giraffe, but strangely less enthused about holding his poo…


Giraffe poo anyone?


A long day, but better than being in the classroom hey?!

Find out what they thought below.



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