Clouddog day 2

Obviously a good day!



Was all we heard from the kids at their early morning wake up call for their drive to St Lucia. This subsided when they met Mark at the Croc Centre in St Lucia however.


After all, how can you complain about an early morning start when you get to hold a real crocodile in your hand?… okay, it was a baby crocodile – but those little snappers still have a mean bite!



Everyone got the chance to hold one – well, those who wanted to at least!



Then it was time for the estuary cruise, COLD!! It is surprisingly windy on that boat, over the years many people have lost hats and scarves – but not the Clouddog students, well done guys and girls!



All you could hear on the boat were sounds of ooh! and ahh! as the boat came to within metres of humongous hippos…



…and giant crocodiles…¬†especially when one decided to follow the boat!



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