Clouddog day 3

After a lovely lazy morning to let their brains recharge after yesterdays information overload the Clouddog students were all happy and willing to learn more – until they found out what we had to teach them.

Snakes and reptiles and spiders and frogs and scorpions and newts and dung-beetles and any other creature we happened to find in the garage were the lesson of the day.

Some were really excited to see the different species, others were less impressed…

"...these are your pets...are you crazy?!"


The first pet to come out to play was the Puff Adder. Using our top secret, highly scientific equipment – also known as a clear plastic tube – the students were all able to feel how the scales differed from some of the other snakes we keep.


...don't get in my sun...


Next out was one of the Gaboon adders, although if I am honest he was far from interested in eating the students. Sunbathing was his main preoccupation, until he smelt Copper (the pet dog).


Pretty colours means not to eat!


We do have some less deadly pets too, this rubber frog for example is only deadly if you lick it! We keep this rubber frog to helps us explain to students the difference between venomous and poisonous.


Don't let it jump on me!


Even the students who had tried to act all brave soon found their weakness when the Curly-haired Tarantula came out to play. They moved so quickly I don’t think their feet touched the ground as they ran away, leaving in their wake the smiling and laughing faces of their colleagues.


Whoooosh! Gone at the sight of the Tarantula!


We won’t say who it was, so don’t worry boys…


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