Clouddog wilderness trail – the start

‘The Colonel’ (as Tommy is referred to by the students) picked up the Clouddog students at the end of their cultural tour at Eshowe, and was pleased to find them ready and waiting. Everyone had even followed instructions and packed their small trail rucksacks the night before, so all that was left to do was travel to Zulu Nyala where they were to leave their remaining comforts behind for a real bush experience.

Ok, so we lied a little, we gave them proper toilets!

Luxury base camp!

It is worth mentioning here that miracles can happen! On arrival at the game reserve Georgina (for the first and possibly only time of the whole trip) was the first one ready to roll!

All the students were a little apprehensive at being out in the wild, and then extremely wide eyed when they met their bush guides – but the students all pulled together and whispering words of reassurance to each other marched off into the wilderness.

So here we leave them under the capable eyes of their leaders and the two gun wielding guides (William and Peace) provided by the game reserve.

We’ll check on them in a few days!

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