Creepy crawlies – this time in cages – next time however….

The last thing to do at uShaka, visit the dangerous creatures chamber of horrors.

Not for the faint-hearted

With lizards, scorpions and spiders filling the small nooks and crannies of the room everywhere you turned was something new. Not to mention little tricks and pranks just like Craig found out… man, you squeal like a girl!!

Basilisk spotting

From the bearded dragons to the basilisks (small lizards who can run on water!!) to bullfrogs the same size as dinner plates everyone found something to admire, photograph and want to take home.

Lunchtime for the bearded dragons

The eight year old iguana got petted by nearly all 29 students, eyes closed in ecstacy as you can see.

Left a bit left a bit, right a bit... thats the spot!

The baby alligators got fed, grabbing chicken necks as quick as they could, be it from Jason’s (their keeper) tongs or from each other. Masters of disguise, just as you think you’ve counted them all, another one appears out of the water to chow.

Some people were a little shocked at how big their little mouths really are


And then the snakes, from twig sized indonesian eyelash vipers, to boas that could eat small dogs and even a 5/6ft (approx) 64kg Python who does not have a waterbowl, but a bath tub!!

After that was a brief talk from two of the keepers about the importance of cleanliness within the cages – especially when there are so many in close proximity.

Tomorrow the Victoria street market for all your tourist memorabilia and the muthi market, an experience not to be forgotten!!


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  1. Donna Hall October 18, 2011 at 8:19 pm #

    Happy 18th Birthday for tomorrow have a fantastic day you will
    remember it forever, we keep looking out for you on the
    blog its great to see what your doing
    love you loads from all of us xxx

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