Crocodile Centre in Hluhluwe

When we arrived at the croc centre the man started talking about an iguana and then I looked round and a large iguana was staring at me!!! I said he was soooo cute, I loved him to bits and wanted to take him home.

Our guide was called Lawrence and he was really nice. Then Lawrence directed us to the ‘snakezeum’ it was very cool. The first snake was a boomslang, he was hiding in a tree! He is a dangerous snake. Then after we had seen the snakes we got told by Lawrence that we had to go and sit down on the benches. I was very excited!

Lawrence talked about snakes and how many species there are in Africa, he said that there are 135 species of snakes and only 16 of which are venomous. After that he brought out a cobra.

Lawrence then took us outside and we looked at a nile crocodile, it was a big scary one. He was feeding it. Finally he said how happy he was to take us today. That was the end of our trip.

– Little Hannah

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