Day 1 – Dissection

Today we set out for our first adventure which involved lots of blood, guts and more gore! Yeah thats right, we DISSECTED A WARTHOG!! At first, everyone seemed a little squeamish at the thought of exploring the insides of a beast; Lottie and Beth were the brave souls that took on the task of cutting the animal and preparing it to be hung. The juicy stuff began after the skinning of the animal where we encountered gallons of blood gushing down engulfing the black sheet where Jess, Beth and a couple of other troopers took apart the remaining skin, which hung loosely off the meat and bare carcass. We were stunned, truly amazed at what we`d just seen – Tony had told us about it but seeing it in the flesh really made it real. Tommy cut the animal open and all its guts spilled out filling the whole mat.

Each person wanted to explore a different organ of the warthog and off we went to our different sections. I had the job of blowing the lungs of the warthog – something everyone else seemed happy to let me do and although it tasted like a fleshy straw, its an experience I will NEVER forget.

Overall the whole experience was super intense!! We loved every minute of it especially poking the eyeballs – this was a biology lesson we would never forget.

Ellie (written by Ruphina Ochanda)

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