Day 1 – Extreme Nature Tour and a snake call out

What a fantastic start to our birding and reptile tour, no sooner had our guests arrived and put their bags in their rooms than we get a snake call out! Next door to us was a problem snake that needed to be removed, namely a Forest Cobra – fantastic we thought, another one for our telemetry project. But alas it is too small so we have to keep looking. On the veranda, squeezed under a chair in the smallest space you could possibly think of was the Forest Cobra.

Small space that forest Cobra can squeeze into

The Forest Cobra had managed to squeeze into a space I could barely fit my fingers into!

He obviously wanted to avoid us pesky humans but did not want to stray too far from the nice juicy toad sitting on the table next to the chair.

naja melanoleuca climbing up snake hook

He was determined to get back to his toad!

Armed with snake sticks and our trusty bin Anton soon had the Forest Cobra in his clutches and safely in the bin.

Naja Melanoleuca being put safely into snake tub

Anton installs the Forest Cobra safely into the snake bin for transportation.

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