Day 1 – uShaka

Day 1 – ushaka

Before heading to uShaka we were taken to a place known as Natal Sharks Board. We would’ve gone out on a boat, but unfortunately the storms the night before made the sea too rough. We went inside and learnt about the biology of the sharks before heading outside to observe a Shark Dissection. We watched the lady slice open a hammer head shark. She explained about the organs and and how the shark works, along with the statistics of their shark nets and the sharks abilities. Although it was gory and smelled awful, I really enjoyed myself.

Having not spent too long in South Africa, I’ve only just started gaining a feel of the culture. Our first day was mostly spent at uShaka. I myself thought this was just a water park (or at least I’d gained the impression) but boy, was I wrong. Getting to uShaka was full of surprises already, seeing the different variety of shops and market. People walking down the roads and motorways selling products or begging.

We got to uShaka and I was already excited, but confused for the layout. There was no sign of the water park. We gained a paper entry wristband of some sort, and went through the barrier, which led us to shops. Now, I as a gamer, was very excited to see a game shop, full of titles of new games like Fifa 13 but also games for the Ps2! Anyway, enough of that. We walked past the shops and restaurants which led us to the water park.

I was really excited, you had to walk past the rides to get to the changing rooms, so essentially we knew what was coming.
After changing we went from one side of the park to the other, going on every slide and ride in order. Apart from the tallest drop slide. (me and Carly did that slide 4 times. It hurt.)

There was a disco area over the pool where music was played and we got to see the mascots dance to their own song. Some other students made them Dance the Gangnam style, which was hilarious to watch.

Although I enjoyed it, I realized the water park is actually quite small. My mind let on to debates with myself about how africa is known for being dry and people suffer from dehydration, yet they can have a water park? I’m starting to think their priorities aren’t in order. Anyway after the water park we went shopping for things (games and food were sorted) and I managed to find interesting drinks. Monster energy resealable cans, Kreme soda and sparberry soda. I think I enjoyed myself a little too much. (I think I spent too much also). I also found great restaurants like steers. Steers is amazing.

There are lots of dodgy people around. Men will approach and flirt with random girls. Makes me glad i’m a guy. I’ve had to save some girls from awkward men at the water park. I’m generally intimidated by the Africans anyway, let alone the fact I find everything socially awkward.

With all that being said, I was tired and ready to go. We left to our accommodation where we had pasta (spaghetti) with each other and I gained more friends. That’s probably the most important thing i’ll leave here with.You know. Minus the life experience, the drinks not available in the uk, and the curios and souvenirs.

P.S. Sorry if it’s brief, we did so much in the day that it’s hard to sum it into words
P.P.S Hope you enjoyed it.
P.P.P.S Written by Simon Johnson, ND2C

(Jo M, Victoria & Randall says Hi family!)



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