Day 2 Continued

So after a nice little morning cruise, and breakfast at Spur, it was time for a quick shopping trip to South Africa’s equivalent of Bluewater.
Loads of shops, loads of restaurants and even a Mc Donalds to make everyone feel at home!

Because you can't go to Africa and not have Spurs!

Then it was time to learn more about the sharks, and how better than with a dissection!

The speaker throughout the shark dissection had everyone – young and old alike in stitches.
And even gave the girls some very good relationship advice “don’t date a shark, they have very small hearts” as she lifted the exceptionally tiny heart from the Dusky sharks chest cavity.

In previous years the emptying of the stomach contents has been a very popular part of the dissection (despite the smell!)…


…but sadly this particular shark had a completely empty stomach. No car license plates, no animals, no bracelets, not even a fish!

Everyone managed to get up, close and personal with the shark after the speaker had finished and were able to feel its skin. The shark skin is textured in such a way that from head to tail the shark skin is smooth and streamline to make it more streamline, but from tail to head it has the texture of sandpaper.

Shark sandpaper skin

After everyone had finished photographing the shark there was plenty of time for fun before venturing off to try their haggling skills at the seafront market.

Say cheese!


The girls show the market trader they won't have the wool pulled over their eyes!


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  1. jackey holdoway October 17, 2011 at 8:43 pm #

    nice photos rosie xx

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