Day 2: Quick Catch Up

Hey everyone,

Well some good news and some bad news.

We have confirmed visual sightings of all four snakes! The transmitters are all working well (thank you Victor Hugo – they are awesome), and most of the snakes tried to avoid us – always a good sign!

Chelsea is still being a lady of leisure – except now she is approximately 7 metres up a tree.

"Try and catch me up here :p"

Chelsea luxuriates in her penthouse apartment

The bad news is that Gizmo being the smallest needs a little more convalescing time and is now sitting in the garage in the warm – we will keep you all posted on a re-release date.

As for the other two:

Vader is evading us by hiding in a termite mound. Infact all we saw of him was his tail as we rounded the corner and he shot down a hole, obviously we need to be a lot quicker.

Lucas is surprisingly fast at escaping, just as we find him he loops around a tree and heads in another direction – so we’re going to give him some space for a couple of days.


Lucas is in there, but there is no way through...


Big hello to Beccy and Lyndsay our two volunteers at the moment who are going to help us track the snakes. Despite being up for over 24 hours and barely getting off the plane they were traipsing through the undergrowth with us and experiencing their first taste of Sickle bushes.


The joy of bundu bashing

...time to make a way.. Ouch!

Sorry girls, but there are plenty more bushes to tromp through soon!

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