Day 3 – CROW Rehabilitation Centre

We went to the CROW rescue centre today. It was an unusual experience as it felt and looked like a zoo but this was not a zoo, it was an animal hospital. I enjoyed this visit as it was obvious these volunteers genuinely cared for the animals currently under rehabilitation. When we arrived instantly you felt out of place because no one else was around, this is not for the entertainment of humans so no one stood around staring at animals all day. The fact no one was near these animals showed us how serious crow was at keeping all outside stress to a minimum, it was made very clear to us by a volunteer that stress is a number one killer in animals and it gave us the understanding needed to keep our distance.
We saw an array of animals such as baboons, ducks, geese, tortoises, and ruibucks. These were the animals outside healing and preparing for release back into the wild. This was the main mission here, get wild animals back into the wild where they belong. When inside the information centre pictures of X-rays were displayed in the entrance. X-rays such as a monkey carrying a baby had pellets fired into her stomach and many birds that have swallowed badly discarded fishing hooks. These images hit me and many others hard, they were just so horrible to see so clearly what human beings are capable and willing to do to another living creature. it was a major eye opener for me. This made me and everyone else truly appreciate more what this organization was doing to help these animals. The motto that crow had pasted everywhere was ‘the best cage is an empty cage’, that was an inspirational motto and it will stay with all of us after we go home.
An inspirational experience that has opened our eyes :D x





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