Day 3 – Kosi Bay

Amangwane at Kosi Bay is one of my favourite places, so imagine my joy when we were to go to Kosi Bay for three nights looking for more birds to tick off of Jason and Adams substantial birdlist!

Part of the beauty of Kosi Bay is that it is not too far from <a href=””>Hluhluwe</a> where Umkhumbi Lodge is based. This means that you do not have to set out at stupid o’clock in the morning to reach your destination. Taking advantage of this the two boys went for a mornings drive around False Bay where despite the unusual wind (thought to be because of cyclone Funso) they still managed to get some sighting;

– dabchick
– white breasted cormorant
– greater flamingo
– african white backed-vulture
– woolynecked stork
– little egret
– hadeda ibis
– white headed vulture
– black winged stilt
water dikkop
swift (greater crested) tern
brown-hooded kingfisher


Then it was time to drive to kosi bay, this provided even more sightings to tick off the list. On the way we spotted;

– pied kingfisher
– yellow billed kite
– palm nut vulture
– brimstone canary

And of course countless Cisticola, sunbirds, swallows (all of which were flying too quickly across the road and into thethick bush for us to ID whilst in a car (this is despite Jasons well practiced braking skills…).


We arrived at Kosi Bay early enough to deposit our gear in our en-suite reed chalets and have a drink or two before heading to the viewpoint to see what other creatures we could find (of both the winged and wingless varieties.)

Kosi Bay Viewpoint birding

The boys relax and chat at the viewpoint

Here you go Jason, the moths you wanted a picture of

The viewpoint is spectacular, with beautiful sunsets and even more magnificent sunrises. And we arrive there – after an interpretive walk with Tommy informing us about the different plants and trees and identifying the countless tracks in the sand that we point out to him – to the beginnings of an African sunset. If you have not yet seen one, it is impossible to describe the colours as the sun rays play on the clouds, even long after the sun has hidden behind the mountains and hills.

Kosi Bay viewpoint interpretive walk

Tommy identifies the tracks in the sand.

Kosi bay viewpoint birding

The boys try and identify the birds sitting on the fishtraps


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