Day 5 – Bird of Prey Sanctuary and Natal Lion Park

First of all in the morning we all got up and had some breakfast that Victor made for us. After everyone was finished we made our way to the African Bird Of Prey Sanctuary. It was very good there. We all got to see and learn about different birds of prey we wouldn’t normally see in our country. We also saw a show at 10.30 to learn even more about these birds. I personally enjoyed it because I am not really a bird person, therefore it was really informative for me. We all managed to get some stunning photos to re-live the memories of the sanctuary. We also had some hotdogs after the show and spent some money in their gift shop.

After the bird of prey sanctuary we went to the Natal Lion Park. Before we went there Victor told us to go in with an open mind and make a decision about the zoo afterwards. Just from him saying this I realised that this zoo might not be of the best standard. And boy was I right. The enclosures that the animals were in were of very poor quality and none of the animals had any enrichment which is crucial in a zoo. I am not a very emotional person when it comes to most things but as soon as I saw the lions (my favourite animal) I literally just burst out crying. They were acting so unnaturally it made me angry more than anything.
I do understand that running a zoo takes time and money and that the owner might not have much. But there are such simple solutions to stop the animals behaving in this way. Even just a little enrichment would help. I know that if you want to work in the animal industry you have to see the bad side as well as the good. Therefore I am grateful that the college took us there. It has opened my mind to how some animals get treated and if anything it has made me more determined to succeed in the animal industry.

All in all I think it was a very good day!!! :)
Written by Jessica Randall




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