Did You Know – Flat Lizard

Lebombo Flat lizard Platysaurus Lebomboensis Description: Small to medium sized African Lizards, there name is derived from their 'flattened' shape. Habitat: Occur in South Africa (in the Northern KwaZulu Natal province), Swaziland and Transvaal. They are rock specialists and their flattened body shape means that they are able to enter even the smallest crevices. Behaviour: Flat lizards are diurnal and become active when the direct sun touches the burrow entrance. They bask in the sun next to their burrow entrances to regulate body temperature. When theyare not basking they are actively foraging (including jumping into the air to catch flies) or socialising with other lizards. Diet: Flat lizards mostly eat invertebraes such as; wasps, bees, flies, caterpillars, ants, beetles and butterflies. Male/female: Female and juvenile, dark with 3 pale longitudinal psrralel lines down their backs. Males are brightly coloured with orange tails and flanks and green/blue chins. Did You Know: Common flat lizards have even been known to eat figs! | There are 13 different species of lizard. | In some species of flat lizard the females are just as brightly coloured as the males.

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