Did You Know – King Cricket

Check out his weeks nature factsheet – this week King Cricket

- Onosandrus (King Cricket) - Description: Medium sized cricket with single spine on inner side of upper front leg (tibiae). Pattern on back caused by black markings on cream body - Size: Body length approx 28mm. - Male/female: Mandibles same size in both sexes. - Life Expectancy: Approx 3 years: hatchling to adult - Behaviour: Nocturnal, stay in underground burrows during the day emerging at night to feed. - Diet: Eat small animals (usually insects) and plant matter. - Noise: 'Stridulate' by rubbing legs against the abdomen. - Reproduction: Eggs can take up to 18 months to hatch and take 1 to 3 years to mature. Males can have harems of females which brood eggs and young in special chambers. - Habitat: Dark and damp places; Wet soil, rotten logs, sodden moss. - Distribution: Found across the whole of South Africa. - Did you know: Some adults are missing both wings, sometimes they only miss one! | Make a deafeningly loud noise just by rubbing their legs together.

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