Did You Know – Natal Hinged Tortoise

Natal Hinged Tortoise Scientific name / Genus: Kinixys  Description: A group of tortoises who have a hinge between the 7 and 8th marginal scutes (plates) of their shell.  Diet:   Various - Grasses, forbs, indigenous fruits, succulents, millipedes, insects, snails, carrion and mushrooms.  Habitat: Occur in a wide range of habitats including bushveld, thornveld, savanna woodland, forest and grassland. Restricted to North Eastern parts of South Africa.  Breeding: Most recorded matings are Sep-Nov, but Natal Hinged tortoise has been observed in Feb.  Clutches between 2-10 hardshelled eggs laid in Nov-Apr. Bell's hinged tortoise lays several clutches.  Incubation 3-10+ months, hatching Sep-April.  Conservation: The Natal Hinged Tortoise is IUCN listed as 'Near Threatened' due to extensive habitat destruction  Different species within genus: - Bell's Hinged Tortoise; Kinixys belliana - Lobatse Hinged Tortoise; Kinixys lobatsiana - Natal hinged tortoise; Kinixys natalensis - Speke's hinged tortoise; kinixys spekii  Male or female: Avg shell length 155-210mm. Avg weight 600g to 1.8kg. Females larger than males. Hinge may be absent or ill-formed in juveniles   Did You Know:  - Tortoises are more active in the rain - Have lived up to 22 years in captivity

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