Did You Know – Pink Throated Twinspot

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Pink-Throated Twinspot Scientific name: Hypargos margaritatus  :Description - Small brightly spotted bird endemic to regions in the Northern KwaZulu Natal, Swaziland and southern Mozambique.  :Call - Soft, high pitched trill.  :Endemic (only found) in thornveld thickets and and coastal scrub.  :Male/female - - Male has pinkish throat, face and breast with a brown crown. - Female has a grey-brown throat, breast and belly. - Both adults have distinct white spots on black on underside below wings and chest. - Juvenile is brown above and pale-grey below. Has no spots.  :Nesting behaviour - Builds nest in an untidy ball shape with the entrance is on the side. Tend to be built low down in dense vegetation. 3-4 eggs are lain. Breeding occurs in the early months of the year, usually around January.  :Diet - Eats both seeds and insects  :Did You Know - - Very rare due to its relatively small distribution, very desirable with birdwatchers. - In Afrikaans they are called Rooskeelkolpensie. - Often mistaken for the red-throated twispot. - There is also a green throated twinspot

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