Did You Know – Purple-Crested Turaco

See our factsheet below for more information about the purple-crested Turaco (formerly known as the purple-crested Lourie).

Purple crested turaco Formerly known as the Purple-crested lourie  Scientific name: Musophaga porphyreolopha  Description: Colourful African forest bird with red underwings and distinctive call. It differs from the other Turacos due its very dark purple crest, and the lack of white around the eyes.  Diet: Feeds almost exclusiely on fruits  Habitat: Tends to be found in coastal and riverine forests, sometimes also found in broad leaved woodland. Inhabits a large portion of Eastern African continent including; South Africa, Swaziland, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.  Male/female/juvenile: Adults the same. Juvenile is duller in colour.  Call: Loud 'kok-kok-kok-kok' call  Nest behavior: Both sexes build the nest. Usually one will return with sticks to give to the other who will place it in the nest. 2-4 eggs are laid which are incubated by both parents for approx 3 weeks. Chicks are ready to fly at 38 days.  Did you know:  Despite being brightly coloured, the purple crested turaco is hard to spot. It is mostly noticed by the bright red feathers of their underwings as they move from tree to tree.

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