Did You Know – Pygmy Kingfisher

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Pygmy Kingfisher Scientific name: Ispidina picta  Description: The African Pygmy Kingfisher is the smallest Kingfisher in the region at 13cm high.  Habitat: Found in the West of South Africa, Swaziland, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.  Non-aquatic the pygmy kingfisher is found in woodland, savannah and coastal forests.  Diet: Unlike most Kingfishers, the pygmy Kingfisher does not eat fish.Their diet consists mainly of insects, however they will also devour small lizards and frogs when available. Despite its small size the Pygmy Kingfisher can easily control large prey by bashing it on a tree or stone until it stops fighting.  Calls: High pitched 'chip chip'  when flying.  Male/ Female: Adults the same. Juveniles similar to adult but with darkish bill (beak).  Breeding: Usually breeding between October and December the pygmy kingfishers nest in an old burrow or tunnel on a bank.   3 - 6 eggs are normally laid in the nest.  Did You Know: - Only Kingfisher that doesn't eat fish. - Can be distinguished from malachite kingfisher by its small size and the violet wash around its ears.

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