Dinner at the 360 Bar in Mozambique

I think everyone will agree with me when I say that the walk to the 360 bar felt equally as long as a days trekking, stomachs rumbling, discovering¬† along the way that the route can’t exactly be called flat.

It was worth it.

Too an empty stomach, used too far to much Pao bread the menu was heaven.Even the hour long wait (this is Africa after all) did not seem an issue.

Amazing views from every angle (the name doesn’t lie) there is no better place to relax and fill your empty stomach. With eyes maybe larger than my stomach I ordered a chicken and rib combo with chips. To say a whole pig and chicken arrived on my plate would not be far off, I am surprised they fit, in truth.

Everyone gnawed away soaking up the view and battling their plates. Just what was needed! To everyone’s surprise there was not an unfinished plate in the place (apart from the large stacks of carcass and bone).

As the below photo may show defeated is an understatement (It took a while to move from this position).

(picture coming soon!)
Then I hobbled off, well fed and satisfied.


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