End of day 4 – Victors place

Victors place is certainly more like the South Africa that all the students expected. Many were disappointed that there were not wild Elephants, Lions, Zebra or Giraffe roaming around the streets of Durban.


After a picnic lunch in Durban’s botanical garden the minibuses left for ‘Victor’s place’ . On arrival everyone was bundled into the game vehicles and taken on a quick tour of the property/bush where there are Giraffe, Zebra, Impala and countless other species.


After the tour, everyone had the chance to help Victor feed the troop of wild vervet and the bush pigs too. Accompanied by Victor  with his stories of the monkey antics.

Biggest shock so far to the students despite the muthi market was the size of the grasshopper on the safari vehicle!



Everyone enjoyed their traditional dinner of pap ‘n sous (maize meal – like mash potato – and tomato and herb gravy) with lamb chops, chicken, boerewors and salad and countless other sides.

But now it is bedtime and time to watch the thunderstorm!



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