Enough bunnies, lets hug a crocodile instead!

It was time to venture deeper into the iSimangaliso Wetland Park.

Sound Advice

Starting with the St Lucia estuary cruise. A chance to take to the water with the hippos and crocs, not to mention the countless bird species.

St Lucia was having water supply problems today, and on the boat we soon found out why. Below the bridge (the only way in and out of the town, a bit like the Isle of Sheppey in the UK) is the water pipe, and where the water pipe usually is… was a hole. The towns drinking water was pouring from the pipe and gushing into the estuary. Now, why am I telling you this? Well, the section of the bridge from which the water flowed was the only section of the bridge that the boats could get underneath… yep, you got it, that means we were going under this temporary waterfall.

The town water supply, or rather what should be the town water supply.

There were onlookers on the banks gleefully rubbing their hands as they waited for the boat – with all the unsuspecting tourists on board – to get doused in water. But, it was a hot day, and – unknown to the onlookers – by the time the water reached the boat it was little more than a mist. It was rather pleasant actually.

Everyone took the water in their stride and barely moved a muscle


Lots of Hippos and crocs were out in the water as well as the fish eagle swooping above.

Everyone got off the boat bubbly and in high spirits

...Some in higher spirits than others :)


After the estuary, we went hunting for more crocodiles and even a couple of alligators. Except this time they were safely behind the fences of the St Lucia Crocodile centre.

Learning about the crocodile skeleton from Mark

These spiny plates sit on top of the main skeletal body of the crocodile

Just in case you hadn't noticed

From babies and dwarfs to humungous adults, the variety at the centre is astounding.

Four year old dwarves, no, not the students, the crocodiles!

Led by Mark around the centre he made sure that by the time we left we began to learn all the little quirks about each species and even got to see a couple that have been rescued.

through the gates, where very few people tread we see the other side of the crocodile centre

Everyone wanted a photograph of the Alligator eating a chicken...

...before rushing off to the baby crocodiles

The little crocs were just a warm up, there were bigger ones to catch too!

How many people get to say they sat on a Crocodile and lived to tell the tale!?


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