FC01 – Day 18

11/01/2012 – Day 18

We have been checking the position of FC01 everyday, but there has been little if any change in position.

When we observed this behaviour during our last project, it was due to either a large feed, the weather or (unhappily) the snake having been eaten.

The weather recently has been extremely hot and accompanied by high levels of humidity which could be responsible for FC01 not wanting to move much – we certainly don’t want to move much!

Climbing into the bush as far as possible (it is extremely thick vegetation) has provided us with no further clues as to the reason for his behaviour. The bush has formed an almost cave like shelf, we cannot see in partly due to the darkness (even a bright torch did not assist in this) but mostly due to the sheer compactness of the bush. We are therefore still hoping that FC01 has decided to position itself in the bush due to the security it feels in this impenetrable fort.

The snake looked to be in perfect condition at the last sighting, which further makes us believe the snake to be ok and instead being influenced by other factors.

Naja Melanoleuca hideyhole forest cobra telemetry project

The bush fort

Forest cobra behavioural tracking and telemetry project

The 'open' bit of bush before the Forest Cobras hiding place









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