FC01 – Day 29 – The Wanderer Returns

Hi everbody,
Things have been quite quiet regarding FC01; but never fear I am about to tell you why.

Day 26 – FC01 has made the most of the cooler weather and has ventured into the Pineapple fields.

Day 27 – As the hot weather approaches FC01 has crossed over the road and entered a nearby property seeking cooler areas.

Day 28 – FC01 did not appear to be comfortable in his location yesterday and has ventured further into the property, but is again skirting along the fence line.

Day 29 – FC01 has decided to return to Umkhumbi Lodge!! We tracked the Forest Cobra around a neighbouring property for 4 hours before it returned to Umkhumbi Lodge. See below for its route, click on the points for the times. Total distance moved 962m during the day!

View FC01 Day 29 in a larger map

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