FC01 – Day 33


10:00 – 26.4c

FC01 was still in the same patch of bush as the previous couple of days. Great we thought, it has found another place to chill.

18:40 – 25.6c

But no.

Due to its positioning near the gate, for the last couple of days we have been checking position as we drive past. As we returned from town we checked, fully expecting it to be once more still in the bush – but it was gone.

We checked once more outside the fence line, just in case it had decided to move on once more, but not there either. Ok, we thought, must have gone the other way into our neighbours property. So we checked all along the perimeter line of our property, and then all of a sudden, there it was -bip- -bip- then it started to get louder -beep- -beep- -beep-.

FC01 was heading our way.

Slinking through the bush towards us was FC01 (it was actually quite strange to see it on the floor)!

Forest Cobra South Africa

Slinking towards us was FC01

Constantly looking around and tasting the air, we knew it was hunting, or at least looking for prey. FC01 then started making its way into a tree (this is what we are familiar with) when it suddenly paused, raised its head, tasted the air, turned and made its way slowly, silently back to the ground where it hid.

Forest Cobra in bush

FC01 can smell lunch....

We initially thought that it had been spooked by us but we were still hidden, still and quiet.

Then we heard a little ‘wuarck’ — ‘wuarck’ — ‘wuarck’ .

Elephant Shrew!

We held our breath, too scared to move a muscle lest we disturb either FC01 or Elephant Shrew and interfere with nature – not to mention of course the selfish desire to see it catch wild prey (or for that matter, see how the Elephant Shrew would escape).

The Elephant Shrew seemed oblivious to both us and the Forest Cobra as he scuttled around munching on the different bugs and insects it came across as it fussed in the leaf litter.

Still unable to see FC01 (but knowing where he us) we watched the Elephant Shrew as he wandered off in the direction of FC01, then we heard a scuffle and the Elephant Shrew came shooting past us. We could still hear it as it went into the bush a few minutes later ‘waurcking’ and shuffling the leaves. So we presume that FC01 missed and the Elephant Shrew got away. It was at this point that we decided to leave FC01 to his hunting.

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