First day continued

Well, Africa weather is here at last.

Many students throughout the trip had been complaining that it was too cold, that they thought Africa was hot and they can handle the heat. The temperature reached 28c and then there were complaints about the heat – some people are never happy :)

We didn’t have the heart to tell them that it wasn’t even summer yet!

Thankfully their walk in the shady avenues created by the overhanging acacia trees left them with plenty of shade to hide from the midday sun.

Even the heat couldn’t kill morale as the animals appeared out of the bush. Firstly zebras, monitor lizard, impala, warthog, red and grey duiker and then the giraffes (including a baby one on spindly legs) all of which seemed content to pose for pictures.

Follow a long afternoon splashing around in the pool playing shark, well in the pool for some, like Emily who found out why you never trust a rubber dinghy – especially when fully clothed.

Pictures to follow tomorrow evening.




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