First road cruise of the summer!

Well guys and girl, summer is now here, at least for us!

After a number of snake call-outs in the area we decided that the snakes were on the move making it road cruise time!

It was quite a quiet cruise with only one snake, sadly Dead on Road (DOR) :(
A real shame as it was a beautiful male puff adder.



But we did find plenty of sleeping chameleons, although we only harrassed one with the camera flash.



And loads of frogs!! This greater leaf-folding frog we brought home to take a photo of this morning.



But we also found lots of other frogs such as Rubber frog, shovel-nosed frog and a few of what we believe to be guttural toads.


For the furry fans out there, we also saw grey duiker, bushbabies, and a spotted eagle owl!


Things are hotting up here in the KwaZulu Natal, so the snakes should be moving soon. This means the next cruise can only get better!


10 – 14 days inclusive of;   Telemetry Project - Cobra and Mamba tracking - Basic handling and ID course for African snakes likely to be encountered - Herping night-drives/ road cruising - Field herping - Overnight field trip - Help with problem crocodiles (where available) - Tracking white rhino - Game drives at Hluhluwe-Imfolozi - Sea Turtle experience - assisting research teams - Call outs - removing problem animals from rural residences - Frogging  - Over 50 species!  Based at Umkhumbi Lodge - Hluhluwe with possible excursions to Swaziland and Mozambique


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